Kicks Martial Arts Academy delivers a complete range of
programs which captivate and enrich the natural wonder
in children, enhance focus and concentration in today’s
youth and challenge the physical and spiritual limits of
adults alike.

The expertly designed physical, mental and spiritual
trainings offered at Kicks Martial Arts Academy strive to
convey the same essential understanding which is that a
harmonious state of being is only achieved when the
mind, body and soul are centered, focused and balanced.
Whether participating in child, youth or adult classes, our
Karate, Kung Fu and Ju-Jitsu programs you will soon have
you discover that there is an intangible yet marked
difference between the benefits of training at Kicks
Martial Arts Academy versus other Martial Arts schools in
the community.

This is because every instructor is scrutinized then handpicked
by Shihan Lee himself ensuring each student
receives the same intense, high-level and advanced
training which has turned out some of the most
confident, assertive and successful citizens of West Hill
for more than 30 years!

We encourage you to click on our links and learn more
about the different programs available to both individuals
and families. Or better yet, call us to arrange a visit to our
dojo and learn how you can watch or participate in a free
trial class!