Out of respect, it is very important that all students follow these rules in order to ensure the proper environment for everyone to train.

  1. Bow upon entering and leaving the dojo.

  2. Students will behave properly at all times – both inside and outside the dojo.

  3. Higher belts will aid lower belts; lower belts will follow instruction from higher belts.

  4. Do not criticize other students.

  5. No alcohol or drugs are permitted before class.

  6. No candy, gum, shoes, or smoking permitted inside the dojo.

  7. No karate students will provoke violence nor allow themselves to be provoked under pain of expulsion for life.

  8. No sparring without express permission of Sensei.

  9. No loud talking, laughing or profanity permitted – the dojo is a place of serious study.

  10. Personal cleanliness is essential: nails must be clipped and clean, feet must be spotless, hair must not interfere with training and should be tied back if it is long, gi must be washed.

  11. Jewelry and watches of any kind are not permitted while training.

  12. All students are to wear a CLEAN two-piece gi, purchased through our school.

  13. Under no circumstances will any form of karate be taught by any member to any non-member.

  14. At the discretion of Sensei, a student may be suspended temporarily or permanently from the club for failure to comply with the above rules.

Karate-do begins with courtesy and ends with courtesy!

Additionally, it is out of respect that we wear our gis properly, and this includes your belt. Make sure that when you enter class, your belt is tied correctly. If you are unsure, ask one of the higher belts, or use this diagram at home to help you.

Remember: the one on top STAYS on top!

Lastly, it is to all our benefit that we maintain a clean training environment. Soji is the practice of the karate-ka (students) keeping the dojo clean. Every week there is a list kept by the mirrors that outlines which chores need to be done. It is up to the students to keep our training facility clean. Additionally, helping out with soji is considered part of your karate ‘spirit’, and is taken into consideration when you grade.

Remember: We respect ourselves, each other, and our training when our dojo is spotless.